Anyone Else Experience This?

Goodmorning everyone, 

I am just looking to see if anyone else has had similar experiences to me. 

I have taken seven home pregnancy tests and gotten positives on them all. Went to the doctor for a urine sample and it was negative. Went to get blood work and it was 126 HCG. So, at this point I have been up and down and up ... called the doctor and the same nurse who has been awful all along told me "126 is low for the 2 or 3 weeks you think you might be pregnant. I dont think the pregnancy is viable but we wont know until you do more bloodwork - Monday. In the mean time I wouldnt be excited or hopeful. Most women dont know at this stage and so they often will have increased HCG and then it will go to 0 and they wont even know. You just tested and reacted so early that now you are aware of the process." 

Everything I have read online says that 126 is in the normal range for 2 or 3 weeks. Even at the bottom of my bloodwork where they gave me my range said it was normal. I am a mess. It is all I think about and I just dont understand how I am supposed to feel or what I am supposed to think. 

I was told I'd never concieve and have a 27 month old son and when we got this result we were over the moon. But now it feels like the nurse is already counting it as a loss. 

Anyone out there with similar experiences? maybe even positive outcomes?

Thank you... I have had no one to talk to and I have really needed someone.


  • my levels were low and I had to have early scans.... I saw heartbeat at 7 weeks and was told all was ok.... but sadly i went on to miscarry at 10 weeks. When I had my bloods at 2-3 weeks they were over 300.... and they are meant to double every 48 hours... after 2 days they were only 500 or so which is why they saw me. Wait until you get the results after another draw and see what happens x

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