Help! Long luteal phase


We have been ttc for 4 months. My last period was 19th December. I think I ovulated around 3rd to 6th Jan (opks and ewcm). I had some spotting last weekend, just slight pink. My cycles are long. My last 2 were 37 and 38 days. I've had cramps for weeks. I've also had nausea and very dry cm for a week.

i really thought this was the month but bfn :-( 

If I ovulated when I did then my luteal phase is ridiculously long. 

very confused and down. It's also the worry that something is wrong. Has anyone else had anything similar? 

Thanks xx


  • OpKs aren't a guarantee of ovulation.... they just indicate but can go away if you are stressed. I had a month where I kept getting positives but it didn't happen as was stressed and it delayed. A luteal phase is usually 16 days max.... I haven't read anywhere where it's longer. Sounds like you geared up for ovulation but it went away :( only way to confirm ovulation is to track basal temperatures 

  • Could the spotting last weeked have been a light period? 

  • Yeah maybe. It was very very light though. I've purchased a thermometer to start temping this month. My body hates me :-/

    thanks  your response x

  • I have been there. Since my Mc sometimes my period have been just spotting where I have only needed a liner. Frustrating 

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