Positive test too soon??

Hi,  I had a miscarriage just under two weeks ago, passed everything through and all the bleeding and symptoms stopped. But then, I went off drinking again and became EXHAUSTEDDDD, constantly trying to stay awake and I already have a faint positive pregnancy test. Exactly like when I found out about the one I just lost. Me and fiance had sex after about 4 days, so what could this mean??? I would think it was just hormones but why would symptoms go, and then come back?? Thing is, this test wasnt even in the morning, so should i take one as soon as I wake up tomorrow and see if its darker? But then if I have just concieved nothing would show up???


Also, has the pregnancy test got to be negative before I start ovulating again??


  • Its stupidly faint but so was my test when I first got pregnant 

  • PLS PLS PLS SOMEBODY HELP, it's draining me

  • I'm sorry, I can't really provide much advice emoroney. 

    I'm so sorry to hear about your MC - how far along were you when it happened? I'm not sure how long the HCG would stay in your system. I'd definitely recommend heading to the doctor for a little advice - or even just a phone appointment tomorrow. xx

  • Did u get a negative test before this one because even tho you had a mc 2 weeks ago the pregnancy hormones could still be in your body 

  • Dannilou91 - I was 8 weeks and 5 days. Ive decided to demand an emergency scan tomorrow just to see if theres anything still in my system because the gyne said if in a week or two or three, its positive, to go back so it could just be hormones X

    Emma92 - yeah thats what Im thinking, Im gonna get it checked out just to be safe because I dont want to end up poorly or with an infection. Plus theres a bug at the moment, could just have caught something..

  • Let us know how you get on. Hope all is okay lovely. xx

  • Thank you lovely xxx

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