Been on every single app still no answer so im going to try on here

hello ladies I have been on loads of app trying to get some advice from people but they are so rude so I thourt to try on here again iam abit concerned that I had my period on the Thursday 26th January and I had sex with my partner and he cumed in me on the Friday 27th January I had sex again and he me twice but suddenly my period has stopped i didn't take any notice at all but on Saturday I had sex all day with my partner and he cumed in me today im feeling abit odd as I have a headache and now and then getting a twing of pain iam wet but not egg white discharge yet and Iam. Always doesing off too what do I do as my mind is saying pregnant but if any one help me I would be grateful 


  • Hi hun..have you taken a test? It is a possibility you maybe pregnant...if not then perhaps take one and see that's the best answer really..if not see maybe about making a doctors appointment.

  • And was you having sex whilst on your period? 

  • On the Thursday 26 I came on my period had sex and by Friday secound day I had sex twice and he cumed  in me I completely finshed my period my period meant to be 3 days but only lasted 2 days I had sex Saturday all day and he cumed in me today is Sunday Ive.been peeing more and having a sharp pain now and then no poo today and mu dischard is egg white ish 

  • If you had sex on your period it's very unlikely you are pregnant tbh. As you don't ovulate on your period and it can take up to 7-14 days for ovulation to start. 

  • okay sh3 thanks 

  • Your welcome hun anytime :)

  • I had sex today x and he cumed in me but he went in deep and cumed  ive been to boots and got weight and my height and was shocked can this be or what I don't know at frist beginning I was under now this could I beimage

  • You cannot be pregnant if you have only just had your period. If you have had a true period then it is at least 10 days before you ovulate. It then takes 6 days for a pregnancy to implant. If you don't want to be pregnant then you should be using protection. If you are trying to get pregnant then I think you need to look into how it all works are know that you can't get pregnant unless you have ovulated. 

    i am confused about your latest post and what you are worried about now. If you are TTC then stressing over lots of little things is not going to help you. 

  • I agree with flybutterflyfly...I totally don't understand your last post...I don't know what that has to do with this post tbh. I agree if your so worried about getting pregnant then maybe you should consider birth control..or he wear something...and not to sound rude but the way your describing what happened with you and and your boyfriend is very crude maybe just tone it down a little. I understand you need to get it across that you and your boyfriend had unprotected intercourse but there's other ways of describing it. Don't mean to be horrible hun.

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