Little help needed please

I have been actively taking seven seas trying for a baby for the past three weeks whilst using ovia (fertility app) to track my fertile window and this month we have followed all the steps and of course we baby danced accordingly. 

I have taking several semi chem cheap test all negative result however I'm not due my peri untill for another 12 days. 

I have been pregnant 8 years ago but still feel like I am recognising some of the early symptoms sensitive breast slight cramping in stomach.

last night we decided to buy a clear blue test 

I woke up this morning at 8 am while my other half was asleep I had to do the test i saw a faint line however it was so faint I had to take a picture to see if I could see it and while I could i was still very much in disbelief after wakening my partner he also could see the line on the test and on the picture we both fell back asleep and woke up a little later to see the line ever more faint almost non existent but still clear in the picture so I'm wondering what are anyone's thoughts on this ? 

I have checked the clear blue reviews and a lot of people are saying the result can disappear after 10 mins ?? 

Im unsure how to attach a picture to this however when possible I will attach one I also turned the original picture into a negitive one to see if the line still apears if anyone else can see the lines I would appreciate some feedback so I don't feel like I'm crazy and seeing things 

thanks in Advance 

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