Hoping someone can help

I'm really hoping someone can help, I came off my pill over a year ago and my hubby and I have been trying to start a family. This month I have felt a little different after my ovulation. I can only describe it as I felt something was happening, Iv had cramps all month long, felt sick and felt like I've had the beginning of a water infection. I've also had a lot of discharge. I'm due to have a period on Monday so my curiosity got the better of me yesterday and I did a pregnancy test, it was negative. Today I've had some spotting and I suppose my boobs have been a little sore. today I have a browny discharge and I feel like my period is coming. When would be the best time to test? I don't think I can handle another month of disappointment 


  • Hi puglady,

    I would wait until Monday to test again using a pink dye test... good luck ❤

    We have been trying for over a year too now and actually thought this month was our month had lots of symptoms but unfortunately af showed up this morning! 

    Sending you lots of baby dust and fingers crossed she stays away from you xx

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