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Ttc after miscarriage

So I had a miscarriage on the 21st at 7 weeks after trying for just over a year, my question is do I have to wait for my period to start trying again? What's the chances of it taking so long to finally get pregnant again?


  • Hi Shanc, we're so sorry to hear of your loss. We're sorry we can't answer your question, but we thought you might find this thread helpful....

  • You don't have to wait for a period, as long as you feel ready! I think they advise to wait until a period because of dating if you fall pregnant straight away.. You're also more fertile after miscarriage! I conceived 10 days after miscarriage with no period in between.. :) x

  • When I had mine I was told I could start once I had stopped bleeding (because of risk of infection) but they only tell you to wait because of dates. Make sure you get a negative test before trying again though to rule out old hormones lingering and giving false hope.

    i too was told and read that you are more fertile after a MC but this is actually a myth. Just wanted to get it out there because I felt like a failure when it didn't happen straight away, but it isn't actually proven to be the case. 7 months on and I am still trying :(

    the link to the thread above got me through my dark days so definitely feel free to join it.

    so sorry for your loss x

  • Shanc I'm very sorry for your loss:(

    I continued to try after all bleeding stopped after my miscarriages. As Butterfly mentioned some ladies will fall again very quickly I took 3 & 4 cycles after a few of mine ( I've had 5!)

    However I'm now 11 months on from my last D&C and 10th cycle trying so it's not always true sadly. However we are all different and some ladies/men are more fertile than others I'm older so I think that's why it's taken longer this time around!

    You go ahead when you feel ready:) personally it was ttc again that pulled me through each loss the hope of a new pregnancy:)

    Good luck xxx🍀😘 

  • Hi I'm new to these things..I have a question I had a miscarriage at 4w6d on January 13...I'm pretty sure I ovulated 10 days after had the mucus and all ...I'm not die to start af till the 9 but the 6th I started light bleeding ..sometimes it's red but kinda watery looking and sometimes it's mute red/brown color ...I really thought I had falling pregnant again ..but I started bleeding ..it's off and on and only got on pantie liner the first day after that it's just when I got pee. .did you have anything like this ?

  • When I was at the hospital for my last miscarriage (I miscarried some of the pregnancy naturally was waiting then had an erpc) they said not to try again for 3 months.  It's been two weeks and it's doing my head in.  Litterly i found ttc was the thing that kept me going last time. I miscarried 15th May, then got pregnant 3 weeks later, then miscarried 15th July.  They  only saw a sac, no yok or fetal pole and they put it down as pregnancy of unknown location missed miscarriage.   Sac measured much smaller than it should of been.  

     have irregular cycles due to pcos 

  • Hi, so sorry to hear about your loss. I would not talk from a doctor`s perspective but I think you should wait. I do no think you get to ttc immediately. Give it time. time heals all wounds. And again it will not take long. All the best!

  • Ive been trying for 2 years.  Had 2 chemical pregnancies in the first 4 months then trying for nothing to happen until the last 3 months.  Hubby and I really want to start our family, wer in our 30s and not getting any younger.  its just so hard 

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