Rigevidon for 9 years.. been pill free for 16 days help

so I have absolutely no idea what i am doing... I am 24 working full time been with my wonderful fiancé 6 years just moved into our own flat.. and we decided to try and become a 3.. I'm petrified of course.. anyway I finished my pack of pills had my week bleed and yeah 16 days without a pill, I have cramps but that's all really? No sign of a period yet but we aren't using condoms is there a chance I can get pregnant before my "natural" period comes? Ive dreamt of this since I was 15 i just have no clue what I am doing I google the hell out of things.. I feel silly posting on here as I sound like a silly child god anyone fancy a chat lol x x


  • I'm literally in the same position! I came off my pill 11 days ago, had a withdrawal bleed for 4 days. Just waiting on a proper period now! I have had twinges in my lower belly, have been feeling bloated & had spotting after sex this morning. I'm driving myself in sane! X

  • My period came 1 day before a month no pill! lasted 4 days, spose let the baby making begin?

  • The effects of coming off the pill can be exactly the same as pregnancy symptoms I came off it after 3 years to try with my little girl month one I had withdrawal bleed for 3 days, then cramping sore boobs nausea the lot..well thought I was with child got my hopes up so much thinking it could happen so quick! Turned out it wasnt that just my body working overtime to get back to normal. That being said however that was my experience some woman can get pregnant strait away, some it takes longer. It took 6 months for me to get pregnant with my daughter who is now nearly 2! 

    I'm expecting my second child now nearly 7 weeks along, I got pregnant on this exact pill lol..never missed one, taken at the same time day after day but somehow got caught lol so miracles can happen on this pill lol! Good luck ladies hope to see some positive tests soon :) 

  • hi sh3 blisskiss! Thought I'd msg you guys as you're the most recent to write about the problem I'm having! Hope you don't mind.... so I stopped taking the bc pill on 7th of this month, I had my withdrawal bleed which started 11th and finished 17th, since then I've had sore boobs and had cramping  now off since which is beginning to pee me off!!! Just wanted to know how long yours lasted for if you don't mind? Thanks image xxx

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