Stopped taking pill

I stoped taking my pill 2 weeks ago which is a pill that u dont have a break on been on it for 3 years without any pierods and I've had a little bleed but I've not had a pierod yet and I've had sex could i still get pregnant or should i wait and see if i have a pierod first and then take a test? 


  • Hiya, I come off the pill, didn't get a period, waited for the next month still nothing and found out i was pregnant. So it is possible, never expected it to happen that quick but these things can happen (im now 34 weeks gone!). Although if you only stopped taking the pill 2 weeks ago, it would be to early to test and get a positive result x

  • Thanks I've been told by my family to wait and see if i have a period first and good luck x

  • Hey I came off my pill 11 days ago, had a withdrawal bleed for 4 days. Just waiting on a proper period now! I have had twinges in my lower belly, have been feeling bloated & had spotting adter sex this morning. I'm driving myself in sane! Did you have any symptoms after coming off the pill? How long did you wait until you found out? X

  • Been off the pull 3 weeks now but a week after coming off pill i had bd and im feeling sick alot heartburn most nights dizzy n tired and still no period 

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