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First month off pill, help!

hi everyone!

new to this but end of July I came off the pill so my body could get back to normal before we started trying.

i used the clear blue ovulation test and got a static smiley on Friday. We had unprotected sex Friday and Saturday. 

now since Sunday I have had tender breasts, feeling sicky in the morning, cramps and some brown discharge. I'm thinking it's too soon for symptoms.

unsure whether I'm having these symptoms because it's my first time ovulating in 10years or whether I could be pregnant?

anyone have any experience of coming off pill after a long time? 



  • I've been on the pill for 5 years I came off on the 22nd July. Breakthriugh 27th-31st. I didnt test ovulation... but no sign of period yet?! Cycle day 34 too. And before I went on the pill I had very short cycles. I've had negative tests for the last week. I'm going to test again Thursday which would be a week late on an average '28' day cycle. I have no idea what my body is doing! Sending you baby dust :) xx

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