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Can you see It?

Il fill you in on the details.

I have regular 29day cycles and have been tt  #2 for 4 cycles. I always order cheap test from Amazon. Well yesterday both of my sis in laws announced they are pregnant one is 12 weeks one is 14 weeks, I believe things come in 3s but chose to put it to the back of my mind as I'm only 9dpo with AF due tomorrow. Well I went out and a bird pooped on my shoulder as a sign of good luck I decided to test. Both of the tests have a line and the lh surge one which I never ever get 2 lines on until the day of O has a line on also. What would you all say. These all came up within the time frame it's so light that it's barely visable and in reality looks like a shadow but it's on both of them. 


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