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Getting pregnant after a miscarriage

Hi, I've recently had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. The doctor told me to wait until I've had my first period to try again for a baby.

Just wondering if it is safe to become pregnant straight away or should I wait? 


  • They only tell you to wait because if dating a new pregnancy. 

    Its important to wait until you have stopped bleeding and also make sure you are testing negative on a test. You won't start ovulating until hcg is back to zero.

    sorry for your loss x

  • Thank you!

    The doctor said the first period after a miscarriage will expelled anything that was left over from the miscarrage. Is that right? But really wanted to try again as soon as possible. 

  • They should have checked that all products have come away. It's not safe until you've stopped bleeding from the miscarriage because of the risk of infection. With me I had to have emergency surgery as I miscarried at 10 weeks but had an infection, my periods started up as normal straight away but have been very light since but everyone is different. If you do want to try again make sure you get negative tests first.  For some people levels go down straight away but other ladies it takes longer. 

    I haven't heard that advice before where a period will expel everything... that should happen at the point of miscarriage. 

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