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3 Tests Faint lines

I took 2 yesterday and 1 today and they all show the same faint line. I’ve read so much about false positives with First Response Early and the Evap lines but I just want to know if it’s a true positive I dont want to get my hopes up if they are false. Pics attached imageimage


  • Those are definitely positive, congratulations x

  • How early are you testing i tested at 6 before af was due and mine were faint and I've been serial pee on stick addict since 


  • I’m testing 5 Days b4 my Af is due :) Im really hoping that they are true pos! 

  • Well af was due today and tomorrow I'll be 4 weeks and started testing when I calculate i was 13dpo making me 3+1 and have tested every two days line started as above like yours and got stronger.

    So I've got fingers crossed for you do you tyc

    Just hoping this bean sticks trying to not get excited but doing cbd helped needed to see the words

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