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Am I pregnant, or not?

Heya, I'm Elle. I have recently realised that I am 3 weeks late on my period. This may seem like nothing, but I am never late on my period, and get it the exact day every month. I have taken a few tests which came up negative. I then thought I would wait a little, and have tested again today. I Tettenhall with 2 tests, using 'Acutest Midstream Pregnancy Tests', and thrilled; I received positives in both. They are very clear positives.

However, I have been looking online and Acutest Tests have some bad reviews. I have read a lot of ladies have had false positives, and I am worried that I may have too. 

I haven't been a mother before, so I am not too sure what to do. I am unable to get anymore tests at the moment. But I have another both of Acutest. If you've read this, thank you a lot. X


  • Sorry, I meant 'I tested with 2 tests', not 'Tettenhall'. Haha. 

  • Here are the tests, it wouldn't let me link them on the original posts before.😊


  • Hi, while I haven't gotten pregnant yet, I know a few ladies who have tried that test and their positives have meant positive. They now have children. Also, both lines look really strong and clear to me.on both tests! Wishing you the best xx

  • Thank you so much! I managed to get hold of a cheap test, and the digital clear blue test. I am pregnant! It says 2-3 weeks on it, so I am very happy. Good luck to you, and thank you for your help.😊 Xx

  • I'm so excited and happy for you!! Congratulations! I'm going to start TTC next month hopefully... let the journeys begin! 

  • Aw, thank you so much. That's so sweet. I'm very happy to hear that, I wish you all of the best.😊 Xx

  • both looked positive to me hunnie I would watie until u do the clear blue test as there more 99% on them as I did with mine I'm now 25 weeks pregrant with a baby boy who is due on this July coming eek but all the best and I do hope you get your answer that your hoping for xxxxx 💙

  • Aw, thank you hun. I did the clear blue tests yesterday, and it said 2-3 weeks.😊 Aw, yay! Congratulations to you, I so happy for you!😊 Thank you, you too.💕 Xxxx

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