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Bicornuate Uterus


i’ve Recently been told by my GP that I have a bicornuate uterus (heart-shaped womb) and he has told me that, I can easily get pregnant but, will not be able to carry children. I’m only 18 and am so confused... any help?! 


  • Hi hun 

    Nature's an amazing thing and doctors are  not always right. I have an even rarer condition of a Unicornate Uterus which means I've been born with just half a womb. This means I'm high risk of miscarriage, very small baby and premature baby xx now they've only just discovered this condition 3 weeks ago after my fertility MRI. I have an 11 year old son who I carried full term and he was 8lb 12 ounce. No one then picked up on my mini womb and he was huge. Point I'm making is have faith. My half a womb carried a very large baby despite all the statistics saying I can't xxx be positive xx 

  • hiya, 

    literally been told by so many! Recently had an internal scan and not only been told about the bicornuate also have a callapsing cyst! They told me that I’m off high risk of getting pregnant But, that I will not succeed In carrying due to the septum being in the middle which has basically given me 1 and 1/2 uterus‘. They’ve told me that it is possible to operate but, only after I have manages To go through with the pregnancy but, how am I supposed to have this operation after I’ve had a child when they have told me that I cannot possibly carry a child? I don’t want children right now as I’m only 18 but, I would like a little me running around at some point in my future... it has caused me so many more problems! :( xxx

  • When it comes to it go and see a fertility specialist thats not NHS hun xxx dont let it stress u out x

  • Trying not too! Just need some advice really xxxx

  • I always said to myself after having my first child that I would come back onto forums to tell other women about my bicornuate uterus experience because I put myself through mental torture with worry throughout my pregnancy. I’ve had two more children since then, the first two both born at 39 weeks by c-section and the third one born at 37 weeks and popped out naturally despite my being booked in for an elective c-section. I was told that I probably wouldn’t carry full-term as my womb was partial septate and so there would be no room for the baby to grow. Well I have a healthy 14 year old, 10 year old and 8 year old who were conceived without any aid despite my being told at the age of 16 that I have PCOS and would need help conceiving (which I didn’t). Please try to stay positive and believe in your body. My third child was conceived whilst I was using contraception! I look back at the years I spent worrying that I would never be able to have a baby then when I did get pregnant, worrying about being incapable of carrying full-term. 
    I’m sorry if my message is odd compared to how people write nowadays. It’s been many years since I’ve been on a baby chat forum. I’ve been busy bringing up my children but just today I spoke to someone and my bicornuate uterus came into the conversation. I wondered if women still worry about this issue and search the internet frantically for help the way I used to and I ended up on this site. I’m in no way negating the risks involved with this kind of diagnosis but I am an example of someone who has had no serious problem with it as well as a previous diagnosis of PCOS, which went on to clear up following an extremely strict, low carb diet (NOT during pregnancy) best wishes to you all xx 
  • Bicornuate uterus is just one of those things... doctors really can't know how it is going to affect any individual.  Some women never even know they have a bicornuate uterus until after they've carried multiple healthy pregnancies, and yes, some women have difficulty because of it.  

    I myself have a nearly-fully septate bicornuate uterus, found by one highly perceptive NP doing my regular PAP.  We confirmed it with a transvaginal ultrasound; the separation is so strong, it was suggested that I could theoretically carry one pregnancy on each side simultaneously  :o .  We've yet to see how my parts work, but I have high hopes.

    Knowing that we can't know helped me, oddly.
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