First time with pregnancy tests....


My husband and i decided to "pull the goalie" (pull out method) right after the wedding (May 12) and see what happens... Other than unprotected sex, we werent actively trying persay... My last period started May 20, and ive been feeling off.. super tired all the time, had a few bouts of nausea (no actual throwing up though), weird cramping... No spotting, but then ive never spotted between periods either. I honestly have never tracked my cycle (this was first month i was starting to track) but i do know that my period comes 'around' the same time every month... My brain was messing with me and i felt like my period should have already arrived so i took a test yesterday morning with FMU, using first response early response... Ive never taken one before so i thought that if you were pregnant the second line was just as strong as the first line, so threw the test out when i didnt see it... a bit later, i got worried about why my period wasnt here, dug the thing out of the trash and there was a very very faint line with a pink tinge... so i took another one in the afternoon (before i read that diluted urine isnt the best) and had nothing.... waited till this morning and took another (same brand) and nothing again.... From what ive read, at this point in my cycle if i was pregnant the test should be reading it by now? Not sure if i should be waiting a few days and testing again, or at what point i should be concerned about lack of period...


  • Have you just  come off any contraception? 

    As for the test you went back to that has to be disregarded as anything read after the time frame in the instructions isn't a valid result 

    Give it a few more days and if still no sign of your period  then test again.

  • imageI did exactly the same and went back to a test, I’ve been advised that if there’s any colour in the line T something has been detected. I’d wait 48 hours like myself and tests again x

  • No, I went off of birth control about 6 years ago now and havent been on anything since...  Ive read about the evap lines and all of that just cant figure out whether i should be worried about period yet, or if its still possible that the hormone levels are too low to be read properly even by so much info that was new to me yesterday my head is swimming with it all!

  • Lauren0401  you have more willpower than me lol! It definitely has color in it, but definitely got darker after the time window..  couldnt wait the 48 hours, and did it this morning... but there was no line at all and even hours later i dont see anything.. going to give it until monday (hopefully!) and try again!

  • I’m exactly the same! so stressful isn’t it. I’ve had someone say I’m not so it’s really daunting. It’s quite sad, I have a 5 year old and been TTC for 6 months. Always used FRER and never have I had an evap Line on them just a BFN. This is the first one where some thing has happened and being 5 days late and regular every 28 days since I was 11 it’s hopeful but so stressful x

  • Its making me crazy, but then according to my bestie ive always been that way lol! I wasnt expecting to be, this is literally the first month we have been "trying" and i dont even have my cycle figured out to know if we even "tried" at the right time... we would both be super excited, though unexpected! Since i dont know my cycle, i dont know how late i am...i just have that weird feeling!  Keep me posted how yours goes!

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