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Can someone please tell me if they see a blue plus

I see a plus but I don’t want to over lookimageimage


  • I’m not sure there is but it is very hard to tell in photos 🤔 If you have the tests, retest tomorrow and the day after, if you are pregnant a line will become clearer! Good luck x

  • Yes i see a very faint libe congrats test again hope you get the results your wanting 

  • sorry meant line

  • I thought that I was over looking, my period came 3 days a go, when it usually arrives it would be so heavy. But this time it wasn’t heavy at all it started brownish and than it got to light pink . The next day I started to bleed a normal period, so I was like something is wrong so I take the test. At first I was like wait a minute why is this test is negative when I’m getting headaches, I’m spitting a lot , and sometimes I would have the feel  to throw up but couldn’t. But I’m still in my period and sometimes it’s light pink and when I use the restroom sometimes it’s regular Period. Thank you so much ladies for helping. I’ll keep you all posted

  • Thank you so much 

  • I see a little something. This is mine and it's confused the hell out of me.image

  • A positive is a positive there isn’t any other way to see that you have to have hcg in your system to produce a positive line dear and that is a positive reg if you are pregnant or not honey test again in a few days and let us know 

    baby dust 🧚‍♀️👼🤰

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