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Could I be pregnant?

HI guys, 

I’m 24 and in a very stable relationship. Me and my partner have been trying to concieve now for almost 9 months. 

My periods are regular, my last period was on 25/07/2018 and my next was due on the 26th of this month but I am now 5 days late and experiencing some cramping but only in the evenings, I’m always tired and the other day I came over dizzy nearly fainting at work but it can’t be lack of food as I’m hungry all the time, I have also notice more vaginal discharge And feel as though I will come on.

I don’t want to get my hopes up in thinking I’m pregnant as I have done this before and am distraught when it comes back negative. 

Has anyone else had these symptom? I really don’t want my period to come 


  • Hi :)

    If you're 5 days late just do the test :) you might be pregnant but you don't have to. Some of us had early symptoms and some didn't so there is no rule really. Good luck :)

  • kirst, you should do a test. I know it’s hard but you need to know! Good luck. Sending you lots of baby dust.xxxx

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