Is this positive or false positive

imageHi guys yesterday I did this test on first response and i got dark line and faint line so I was unsure so today I did test on clear blue and got negative but yesterday after I had the test got this clear Jelly discharge and I don’t know how to feel :/ 


  • Clear blue require a higher level of Hcg to others hun. It looks pretty positive to me, my advice would be get some cheap ones so at times like this you can take as many tests as you like? I found out I was having my son from the 3 for A £1 from the pound shop? So they definitely work x

  • Okay thank you , I thought it might be positive but then we I goy negative I thought my mind was playing tricks on me I’ve been having a lot of nausea today and a lot of cramps , so fingers crossed :) 

  • I’ve had 4 positive first response and still negative on clearblue so just don’t think they’re as sensitive tbh. Looks positive to me x

  • Okay thank you I did do another first response and it came negative I did it the day after with my first wee but I’m gonna test again in few days 

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