Driving myself crazy

My husband and I are trying to have our third. I took a test today, just on a whim and I think I see something but feel like I’m being optimistic 😞😞 thoughts? 



  • Hi hun I can actually see the faintest of lines..however just be careful with these blue dye tests as apparently the dye run on them is know  for lingering and looking like a second line. However..that being said when I got pregnant with my second only these tests would pick it up lol I tested very early 9 days before my period and the clear blue easy +- picked it up. I would test again in a couple of days :) FRER didn't pick it up until after my due period was late none of the cheap or a clear blue digital did either lol so keep checking :)xx

  • Yeah I agree with sp4 I actually don’t see anything but would tryna first reponse anyway as much more reliable. Good luck xx

  • I see something. Good luck! andctry other test tomorrow, if you can wait!xx

  • I see it, try a pink dye or first response to get a definite answer 😊

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