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TWW πŸ™„

Hi ladies, god the tww is long. It feels like a month. Hoping we catch our rainbow soon. Anyone want to share experiences over next few ‘long’ days? 😘 I have tender breasts. Right is much worse! 🀷🏽‍♀️ Looking forward to hearing from you ladies xx 



  • I should of added af due 12th October x

  • My af due the 12th oct aswell hate this wait im 9dpo had a weird uncomfortable pain in left side and been fatigue dunno if symptoms are there or in my head lol

  • Ttc it’s so hard not to symptom spot isn’t it? I’ve had a horrible headache today, I tested with an Asda test and bfn, I’m not sure what dpo I am as I didn’t track ovulation this cycle (decided to just go with the flow) but now I’m wishing I had of lol xx 

  • I tested with asda test amd they showed negative when i was pregnant in august with ectopic all others showed positive now ttc again and i tested todat aswell couldnt resist bfn too

  • the day  got my bfp in May with my twins I had tested in the morning and it was completely white no line! Then had a funny lump in thriat type feeling so I tested again in the afternoon and it was positive.. I think now when I see bfn I assume I’m out for the cycle! I’m going to wait until Sunday to test again if I can restrain myself haha Xx 

  • Wow the typos in my previous post 🀦🏽‍β™€οΈπŸ˜‚ x

  • Yeah im testing on sunday too you wipl have to let me know how your test comea back i so hate waiting i feel like im obsessing over it lol x

  • Ah I will do and you too. Fingers crossed for us xx 

  • Hi 12DPO/CD32/1 day late for my period as my LP is only usually 10 days. 

    The only symptoms I've had is cramping 6pm on 10DPO that lasted 12 hours then cramping on and off ever since including today 🀷‍♀️

    Don't know what to think as I'm like clockwork this has never happened before

    All tests are negative 

  • Yeah fingers crossed gracesmum 🀞🀞

  • Alyssa may just be too early to detect - I hope so.. my best friend is 12 weeks she missed her period, went to gp her bloods were negative, hpts negative she had follow up 2 weeks later and found out she was pregnant. I don’t want to get your hopes up I’m just praying it’s just too early xx good luck xx

  • I hope it's just too early too. Thinking if I didn't get cramps till the evening of 10dpo if it was implantation that the earliest I'll get a positive will be 13dpo if I'm pregnant if that's the case. Who knows haha at this point I'm feeling positive because of unusual missed period  

  • fingers crossed xx

  • Well girl i couldnt help but test this morning and a BFN 

  • Good luck ladies! Keep going for your bfp!! I’m due af around the 10th - 13th so anytime after weds really! The 2ww is so long!!! It’s literally all I think about 😏

  • Same here wish i could think about somethink else or af would come so can try again felt lile i was gonna come on period all symptoms this morning now there gone again 

  • I’ve been feeling like that too rainbow but then it goes again! I’ve still got a week to go too!! How long have you been ttc?

  • There are so many stages to the tww, I go from really positive and hopeful, to convincing myself I’m definitely pregnant, to getting bfn when I know its too soon to test, then the thinking I’m completely out.. currently in the feeling I’m completely out ha xx 

  • Ahh gracesmum! I’m with you there! Have you been ttc long? Every month it’s the same thing! Surely it’s gonna change soon right? x

  • Missy we have a 9 year old little girl. We had a miscarriage in May last year, We decided to put ttc on hold as we had 2 big holidays booked. We started ttc again in January this year we got pregnant in May but miscarried twins at 7 weeks at the end of June. we started ttc again straight away, it’s not happened yet 😣 what about you? Have you been ttc for long? Xx 

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