Plsssss help only got til tomorrow 😭

Hiiii advice please *******

so it’s 3 weeks since my early miscarriage my bloods have been monitored as were going up and down instead of just down. My previous one was 175 8 days ago and today 245 so they want me to have the mtx injection tomo which means no ttc for 3 months!!!! Am I being ridiculous or anyone think my levels could have dropped in those 8 days and this is a new pregnancy??  

Ive been using preg test for last week and they were nearly negative then bam yesterday back dark!!


  • Sorry I don't have any advice really. Have you been using the same type of pregnancy test to keep testing as they are all different levels of sensitivity

    Have your doctors not given you any idea why your levels are up and down?  Are they testing them tomorrow too?

    Hope you can get some answers that enable you to make an informed decision

  • Methotrexate is usually given for an eptopic pregnancy. Have you had a recent US? So sorry to hear hear you're going through. Xx

  • Maybe ask your doctor to give you an ultrasound to see? They did like 7 ultrasounds on me before getting surgery. It's worth asking if you're worried.

  • Carebear33, my hcg levels didn't drop for almost 2 weeks after injections so don't worry! It is very important you do not get pregnant during these 3 months. Contact doctors, they should offer you blood tests to check your hcg levels and if they're raising or dropping.

    Methotrexate is not only used in ectopic pregnancies. There are other reasons to use it too. I had injections after doctors couldn't remove placenta during D&E procedure 

  • I rhink they dont want u getting pregnant for 3 months after methotrexate because it stops any folic acid and that is crucial for a healthy pregnancy xxx did u go for a scan? Keep us updated x also if there is any retained pregnany related tissue left behind after u miscarry this will result in positive tests and could also get infected so look out for heavy bleeding clots or a bleed that has an offensive smell xx any of these please get checked out xxx 

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