I day late but BFN on Clear Blue and First Response!

Hi ladies 

im 32 and been trying to concive for 5 months now, I’m a late and got BFN on CB and FR 😢😞

i was so confident that I am pregnant, Is there still a chance?


  • sorry I meant to say a that I’m a day late.

  • Hello! i am in the same boat, I was due on, on Sunday. & haven’t come on yet. I took a clear blue yesterday and it was negative. :/ but i took an ovulation test this morning because I haven’t got any tests left, and their was a faint second line. And I found out I was pregnant with my little boy with an ovulation test. So I’m confused! also I have been trying for the same anount of time as you. Good luck Hun xx

  • Hi Neeka and Kiimii91, you can ask your doctor for a blood test to see if the HcG hormone is detected. Some people don't get + hpts until 2 weeks after AF was due. Crossing my fingers for you.

  • Hi both I’m trying to be positive but I have tested both clear blue and first response which are both apparently pretty reliabl! I do I really think I am out.  @hopefulmamma I will not be able to see my doctor until Friday but thankyou for the advice, I have booked an appointment. 

    kiimii91 my fingers are crossed for you Hun.

  • AF still hasn’t arrived I am now 2 days late, however I am not that bloated this morning, yesterday my bloating was fluctuating throughout the day,  my boobs are heavy but not sore today. I think AF is on her way. So disheartening.

    I’m either 12dpo or 13dpo.

  • Oh no! I hope not 😔 I’m 4 days late now, still nothing. I think I’ll go to the doctors. Very unusual for me. Thank you both! ❤️ Please keep me updated xoxo

  • Hi kiimmii91 my fingers are crossed for you Hun. My AF just arrived but I’m okay i had already convinced myself she was coming, hopefully I’ll have better luck next month.

  • Ah no! Bless you, and thanks Hun still no sign?🙄 not doing another test now until I’m a week late. Just really unsual for me xx

  • Hopefully it’s good news. Did you do anything different this cycle Hun?

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