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Please help am I going mad

Please can anyone help I feel I’m going mad, I had my implant removed four weeks ago, about ten days ago I started doin ovulation tests the first one a very strong positive I went on to have five very strong positives before I I stopped and did a pregnancy test I keep getting very faint positives or negatives I’ve been to the doctors and she said any line is a positive but I just feel as if I have my hopes up can anyone tell me what they think of these and why am I still getting negative on some??imageimageimage


  • I don't see anything i'm afraid. You need to try a pink dye test as they're better than the blue dyes. 

    Also, coming off contraception can really mess with your cycle, so i would start charting with an app and keeping records that way.

  • Thankyou these may be a better picture I’m just so sure the lines there but faint image

  • Oh i see what you're looking at now - there's not much colour to those lines so could be evaps. When is your period due? 

    Aldo, deffo get some pink tests. 

  • Il go buy some this week I’m unsure when my period is due as I had my implant out 4 weeks ago and haven’t had a period since, I was bleeding the week they removed the implant but the nurse said its not classed as a period when on the implant I’m so confused 

  • I would defiantly get pink dye test. Hope you get your positive this month. Good luck!

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