Could this be implantation bleeding?

So my last period laster 4 day, which is normal for me. A day went by and everything was normal. For 2 days (CD7-8) i was spotting super lightly. This month has been going so weird, I’m not trying to symptom spot but I’ve been nauseous practically all month, all day. I get mild cramps, my ribs ache so bad, headaches/migraines & backache that’s off and on and i assumed it was all just gas. Today, on CD21 I had spotting, if you could even call it that. I wiped and it was vere light pink and very light spotting, could that be implantation bleeding?


  • Sorry for all of the typos, I used my phone to type lol

  • Hi Shaybutter, 

    I could be, i am also ttc so not sure about it. Do a UPT by 10 DPO. Actually I have undergone an IUI this month from the day of ovuluation, I'm having all the symptoms that you listed except the spotting, And now its 13DPO. 

    I wish that you get your rainbow this month be calm and relax. 

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