Very confused. Need some help here :'(


Hi all ! 

I would need some advice here,

My last menses date is 12 Oct for that period I was late for 12 days. Until now I haven't got my AF and I been testing since I was late. Today would be 8 days late if it's by 28 days cycle.. 

The 3 kit that has faint line was tested ytd (Morning and afternoon). this morning I used First res kit to try out and there really isn't a line... I might have seen a faint line but I'm unsure and very very confused. Please advise :'(


  • Yes they all have lines hun congrats x xxx plus the missed period also a good sign x

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    Giving up hope already 😔 its 9 days since missed period.. I’m not even sure why I got those positive and then now back to BFN. 

  • Are you trying to say your last period was 12days late or that when you started on 12th October you were 12 days late? Are you recently off any contraception? Not every woman has a 28 day cycle . At 9 days late you should expect a very clear line. Maybe consider booking in to see your doctor if these long cycles are unusual for you

  • Last AF was 12 days late.. 

    im usually 28-30 days cycle but last month was late and as of now I haven’t gotten. Im not using any conception. 

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