Trying to conceive

I am 21 and have been trying to conceive for 5 months I Know it doesn’t seem long but I feel like it should have happened I’m young and healthy and have regular periods every 24 days , is there anything I could be doing to boost my chances or any tips ? Thank you !!!


  • Are you using an app and tracking everything ?

  • Yeah I am using a period and ovulation tracker 

  • Do you check bbt and use opks? X

  • No do u think I should ? What are Opks? Do u thinks it’s strange I haven’t concieved or what do u think ? I’m probarly over thinking it .. tbh we usually have intercourse more or less every day so we shouldn’t be missing the date! 

  • Opks are ovulation test , they give you a ide of when ovulation should be happening, I have a 25 day cycle and would test with ovulation test from day 7 twice a day once mid morning and another test around tea time one the test line is as dark as the control line you should ovulate within 24 hours and thats the window you can  conceived , well worth doing, also have sex every other day in that week will help because  sperm can live from 3-5 days.. I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant and it took us 1 year of ttc , just don’t stress out every month or go crazy testing before you’ve missed that period because all those negative test are heartbreaking, it’s all in the timing some couples are lucky and others have to wait longer but it will happen xx

  • What robin angel said I used the opks and fell pregnant on our 3rd cycle unfortunately I just misscarried at 11 weeks so Will be back ttc once iv had a normal period, doctors say it can take a perfectly young an healthy couple upto a year to conceive. 

    i tried pre natal vitamins but they made my cycles longer so I just took folic acid an my partner took multivitamins also, 

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