The Usual period cramps but no period?

Hi guys, I have been ttc now for 3 months (not long I know) and my periods are regular as clockwork.

I am currently 5 days late but pregnancy tests are showing up as negative.

I have all the cramps, I feel I'm about to get AF any minute, but I have also been feeling sick!

I noticed I ovulated late this month as well, only around 7 days before my period was due, could I still be pregnant?


  • Hi Sarah if you only ovulated 7 days ago it might be too early for a test. Implantation is usually 6-12 days after ovulation so maybe try another test in a few days. Fingers crossed for you. It could be implantation cramps you are having :) 

  • Hiya I got 4 bfn before I got a bfp on day 5 late but I ovulated late too I bought first response defeniatley best test. Good luck hun as someone said to me your not out till af shows up xx

  • I have been feeling very strange this past few days but not sure if that is me just clinging to every symptom! Been getting weird sharp pains tonight in my left side, I'm overthinking everything!

  • It's so hard not to symptom spot .I was so convinced last month I was pregnant. I was nauseous, had cramping, waswvery tiredt and was 6 days late but kept getting BFNs. Was just told by the doctor it was just my body getting used to my natural hormones again after getting the implant out in the summer. I do hope this is your month though and its just a little too soon to get a positive test. 

  • So a little update, I have noticed very slight bleeding, not the usual red colour, I think it might be too late for implantation bleed, so maybe I’m just having an odd period. 

  • Hey Sarah, if you ovulated late your period will arrive late too! Xx

  • One last update, AF showed her ugly face this morning! Onto the next cycle! 

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