Positive Lh surge Detected 8 days apart.. confused ?!

hi ladies 

wondered if you can help me out here ..

so I had a  positive opk Cd 19 and 20 with little EWCM..this was my predicted ovulation day using ovulation tracking app .. dtd prior and after..

then on cd day 27 I Had lots

of EWCM so tested Opk and was strong positive followed by cramping then strong positive opk on cd 28 and 29..dtd  

i have usually a 34 day cycle, so worried if I ovulated so late will that give it enough time for egg to implant ... 

or  did I ovulate on cd 19??

the pic below is the positives Iv been getting last three days ..they were similar to what I got cd 19 .

i have done a hpt test and it’s negative 

I dont do temping to confirm Ov

I’m now on cd 29 

appreciate your thoughts on this :)



  • Yeah looks positive xx

  • Hi Amnx

    yes it is positive but it also showed this about 8 days ago too 

    and now three days in a row 

  • OPKs can also show positive when you are due your period (also for some women they show positive if they are pregnant but this is not a reliable method) 

    If you had ovulation signs around the second positive OPK it is possible you have ovulated later in your cycle for  some reason. This will  mean your period will be due later too.

    If your cycle  is normally 34 days and that is the longest cycle you have I would wait until then before testing


  • Thanks for your reply 

    okay fingers crossed period starts later and I will test hot  again then.

    i will test opk again tmrw and see if it becomes four in a row! 

    the annoying thing is we dtd more on cd 19, four Days prior and one day after 

    this second surge only twice 

    let’s see what happens 

  • Negative opk today 

    let the two week wait begin I guess now! 

  • Cycle day 39, 11 dpo, negative on internet cheapie strips 

    ever di slight tender breadts and twinges in ovaries 

    this is a very long cycle for me, not sure whsts going on.. 

    shall I test on a more expensive hpt brand? 

    Or still wait it out?

    advise appriciated x 

  • Hi, 

    what happened? Have you done another test? 

    This has happened to me this month, ‘egg white mucus’ (didn’t test for ovulation) assumed it was happening then nearly a week later I had the mucus again (just for a day) so did an ovulation test and for two days I’ve been ovulating??? I’m so confused what’s going on!!! 


    jade xx 

  • Hi Jade

    in the end I started my period on cycle day 42... which made sense, as when i counted back 14 days it was spot on to when that second surge happened, which must have been when I actually ovulated .

    anyways on to third month of ttc and I’m now in the two week wait again, I ovulated cycle day 21 and am now 4 dpo .. let’s see what happens this month ...

    you most likely ovulated the second time around too

    good luck !

  • Hi sallykham, 

    Thankyou for your reply! 

    Ok great, I’m happy with that as the second time is when we DTD more than the first so fingers crossed now for us both. 

    I believe I may be 1-2 days PO.

    Good luck to you and fingers crossed 🤞🏻🤞🏻

    Jade xx 

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