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TMI PHOTO!! Ovulation bleed?

Hi I’m just wondering if there is anyone out there who has experienced bleeding with ovulation and could that be the answer to my mid cycle bleed?

A bit of background info...

I have been off the pill 3 years and have never had spotting in between periods. we’re not actively trying but a pregnancy wouldn’t at all be a bad thing. I had EWCM on cycle day 10 and now this bleed on cycle day 14 when wiping (there was a little more before this which was much brighter). Surely it’s far too early for implantation but I’ve also never bled during ovulation. I usually have a 28 day cycle but my last was 24 days.image

Thank you very much in advance for any replies Xx


  • Hey crt, I hope you're good :)

    Well, for some people, ovulation comes with a bit of blood.

    Spotting during ovulation occurs in 3% of menstruating people—it’s considered a physiological response to the quick drop in estrogen right after ovulation, before progesterone has a chance to rise.

    I hope this eases your panic beaut xxx

  • Thank you!! It does yes although either way I think I will still book a doctors appointment with it been the first time it’s happened x

  • Definitely better to be safe than in worry ❤️

  • When I bleed with ovulation it’s normally mixed in with my egg white discharge not normally on its own... that looks pretty fresh so defo see gp 

  • Thank you! That was my main concern with it been so bright, I’d have thought an ovulation bleed would be slightly darker as it’d take longer to pass. could be wrong but just a thought.

  • to Be fair mine Does come pretty pink with ovulation and it doesn’t happen every month either.

  • I’m planning to get in at the doctors on Friday (tried today but never any appointment) so hopefully will have some answers then x

  • Just a quick thought if anyone can help me on this...

    with my last cycle been 24 days (some have been in the past but not for a long time) could I actually have ovulated earlier and this actually be implantation bleeding? I had awful pains last night, like period cramps but only left side and with a stabbing sensation. The pain eased this morning and I have had no more bleeding.

  • Even if you were to have another 24 day cycle I don't think you would get an implantation bleed ten days before you would be due on.

    Probaly either ovulation or you may have irritated your cervix during sex  

  • Just an update if anyone is interested (and for any more advice as I’m still no wiser).

    Visited the doctors this morning and he just basically said ”if you don’t come on then take a pregnancy test” and that was it, i felt a little like I’d wasted his time image

    I did do a test once back from the doctors (still too soon I know but couldn’t resist) I’m sure I can see a faint line? Currently sat with tissue shoved up my nose trying to stop a nose bleed, is this a symptom? lol that’s it im just going to be symptom spotting now!!

  • image 

    here is the test, not even sure you can make anything out there!?

  • I thought I could see a faint line have u tried fmu?

  • Yes this morning and it looks pretty much the same image

    I’m starting to think maybe they’re evaporation lines but is that possible within the 5 minute time frame??


  • Hi! I’m in a pretty similar situation to you.  Can you update as to whether you were pregnant or not? 
  • Hi! I know this was a few years ago but this just happened to me and I’m in the same boat as you were. What ended up happening and what did you doctor say about the bleeding mine looked exactly the same way 
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