Please help am I pregnant??

ok so I’m 17 and I’ve been on the pill, but I’m not always taking it at the exact same time, but I try. The condom broke about two weeks ago and lately I’ve been feeling weird, and even have a few “symptoms.” My period isn’t due for about another 4 days, but yesterday I took a test because I’m scared, and it was a cvs 10 minute result. At first I thought it was a negative but about 20 minutes after taking it, there was a faint blue line. My stomach also feels hard. Any advice would be so appreciated thank you.imageimage



  • There is deffinitely a line there but you are suppose to disregard anything out of the time frame, I would advise buying a first response test and take first thing in the morning 

  • Hiya I agree you need to get rid of that test as you were out side the window..wait till you miss your period and then take a first response. For the most accurate result  x

  • Okay thank you so much

  • Thand you so much, I knew I wasn’t supp to read it after the time frame, because of Evap(?) línes, but I looked it up, and it was like it wouldn’t change colors unless the hormones were detected 

  • Yes I read that some where before too but blue dye test are know for bad evap.  You can take a first response test now or wait till day period is missed to be sure.. I took 5 different test recently and all only the first response gave me a positive x

  • Okay thank you so much, I went ahead and scheduled an appointment with a  clinic for a test on Monday, if my cycle doesn’t come before then, I’m going to get one of their tests done......

  • Definitely try a first response hun and wait until a missed period. In future if you experience failed contraception you can get the morning after pill free from pharmacies and there is always the option of getting an emergency IUD fitted. Maybe best to look at different contraceptives too where u don't always have to remember to take it daily. 

  • Hiya.. Has af arrived yet?? Are you going to try testing today?? Best look at clinic 

  •  I took a first response, and it was negative, but my af still hasn’t arrived, so I was told by the clinic to still come in on Monday. Thanks for checking 

  • Can someone please help? Is this a libe? I see a shadow? My period is 1 day late. image

  • Can you take another pic?

  • image

    just took another test 

  • I can't see anything from that angle. 

  • Katelyn29.. I was 5 days late before I got a postivie but your period can be late due to stress and also not taken pill properly can cause cause period to change so wait another few days and if still no af test again..

    Ashley.. Can you take pic of the test not up to light.. There looks like a shadow but can't tell if it has colour or a line.. 

  • Okay, thank you so much. i work really hard to take the pill everyday at the same time, so I hope that isn’t the cause of it. It may be stress, but I will definitely wait and see what happens.

  • imageStill no period. Does anyone else see a faint pink line at the bottom?

  • Sorry i don't see anything. Maybe got to ur doctor for some tests xx

  • Still not clear. Best to buy a clearblue that says pregnant or not pregnant for the result or go to the doctor. 

  • Hi I am very new to this I was wondering if anyone sees a line and If so should I go to doctors or wait.imageimageimagethese are all different  tests they have dried now but I still think I can see lines.

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