Withdrawal bleed after coming off BC

Hi all,

I came off Cerazette 30th December and have had no withdrawal bleed or period at all. No spotting whatsoever.

My OH are TTC but it's a bit difficult as I don't know when I'm ovulating.....if at all.

I've had cramps and my boobs are so sore it's unreal!

I got a BFN approx 2 weeks ago.

Is it common to not have a withdrawal bleed?

Also whens the best time to do a test as I have no clue!

Thank you all


  • I didn't get a bleed of any kind for six weeks after stopping cerazette.

    Maybe get some cheapie tests and test once a week until you either get a period or a positive test (whichever comes first)

    Good luck

  • I had a withdrawal bleed 2 weeks after stopping cerazette. I've heard it can take your body a while to readjust. 

    I felt terrible for the first month coming off the pill, very sore boobs, sickness, headaches the lot which went way month 2. 

    Are you using ovulation predictor kits? I never got a positive OPK until 4 months after stopping the pill so think it took that long for my body to sort itself out. 

    Also I took a preconception vitamin from when I stopped taking the pill and I'm sure it helped my cycles to get back to normal quicker.

    Good luck on your journey! 

  • I've been taking Pregnacare every day since I stopped the pill.

    I've used OPKs a few times and have had a faint line every time, very confusing!

    It's seems to be a waiting game I guess! 

  • Hi I was the same as still trying, didn’t get a bleed til 6 weeks after stopping the pill x

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