Is this implantation or period or something else?

hey lady I need help . I begin to test ovulation n starting Jan 5 through 11th I was getting high chances so me n my fiancé did a lot of baby making during that time . jan 16 I begin to notice pink light spotting , jan 17 it became heavy( pad needed ) jan 18 it stopped . My period was suppose to come jan 19 n I haven’t notice any bleeding . Could this be a good sign of implantation bleeding ? I have already tested twice n got negative result.. could I be testing too early .. I need help


  • Hi did you get a positive opk? If so what date? X

  • Yes it might be implantation although it's usually not that heavy. I don't think you're testing early, you should have some faint positives by now if it was implantation bleeding but make sure you're using a proper brand test like first response as some tests are not very sensitive (internet cheapies). Good luck xx

  • I haven’t gotten a positive test yet n I have tried a few times

  • I have only use first responce and I haven’t even got a faint line . It just say negative 

  • I'd say you're probably not pregnant then, sorry. First response are pretty accurate 3 days after AF.  It must have been wonky cycle this time and prepare yourself for next ovulation. Good luck xx

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