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*tmi* light bleeding off and on 10 days before af due


Can anyone help me please. 

I‘ll try keep this short as possible

ttc baby no 3, I have 2 girls 7& 4. 

This is my 2nd period after coming off bc. I‘ll attach a pic of glow calander. Anyway I started spotting 10 days before af due which is on Monday. It’s not like my usual heavy red clotty period. it started off as pink then brown, been red a couple of times but only slight. Mostly it’s pinky browny never enough to fill a whole pad. Only notice spotting when wiping but when *tmi* I have a poo it comes out more. can someone please help as going insane and can not afford a test. 

1st pic is when it started and 2nd is today after straining. In between it’s just pinky brown spotting


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