help please evaporation or positive line

hi everyone im new to this so i was wanting a little help i did a pregnancy test about 3 days ago which was 10 days before my period and i got what looks like a positive ( bottom test) with all the excitement i got a clear blue yesterday 8 days before my period is due and got a negative result i then did the same band test that i did the first time and another line came up i was told and evaporation lines and im not completely confused as to if its an evaporation line or if it is actually positive thank you x ( ps. the line showed straight away) image


  • Unless you have got your dates wrong it is far too early for even the most sensitive tests to pick up on the pregnancy hormone when you are so far away from a missed period. 

    Try and wait until your period is due before testing again. If you can't wait that long then ideally no sooner than 2 days before your period. And use first morning urine (and definitely not a digital which are far less sensitive and need a higher level of hormone)

    Not sure what  tests those are but if they are ones in casing you aren't supposed to open them up as it can invalidate them.

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