Positive opk?

So I had a miscarriage back in November. I was told my daughter was conceived around september 18th. I tracked my cycles before just using a calander and I always seemed to ovulate around the 18th or 19th. It's been very consistent like that and I usually have anywhere between a 30 to 32 day cycle. I've never used an opk before and decided to start tracking. I took this one today and I think its positive but I'm not really sure because I'm new to opks image


  • Hi It Looks positive to me, good luck. I too had a misscarriage in November sorry for your loss x

  • Thank you and I'm sorry for your loss as well. I took another opk last night and got the same result as pictured. I took one this morning and it looks negative. The control line is a smidge darker than the test line so I'm assuming I have a short lh surge. Good to know. 

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