Feel different

Hi Ladys

Just been reading chats from years ago and though i would join.

I thought i finished having my children then i eneded meeting my Soulmate, i feel so lucky and in love with so muvh to look foward too.

We have been trying since January so no to long. I do feel different.

3 days of lower back pain,  3 days ago

Feeling quite sick

Very very tired

Last period was 27th January 

Looks like my time was about last weekend and that happened to be we went to Morocco to get enegeged.

We are getting married in June on hos birthday in Morocco on the beach.

Lease on this it feels like us ladies have each other to talk to about babies 🤗 x x 


  • Just a waiting game hun. Symptoms sound promising but it isn't unlike us to read into symptoms too much 😂 All the best! Baby dust to you xxx

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