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8 days late, no AF lots of BFN

Hi ladies, just looking for some advice or reassurance please. I’m currently 8 days late for AF with no sign of it arriving. BFN on clear blue, first response and a cheapy boots one. Really feel different this month - exhausted, lots of watery CM, no pre menstrual spots. I had light cramping a few days ago and assumed that AF was on the way but nothing. Has anyone got experience of this and if so what did you do? Wait it out or go to the doctor? Thanks all x


  • Hi @Ninjabunni.

    It could be me writing what you have posted as I am in exactly the same position.
    I am 6-8 days late depending if i go on average cycle length or longest ever cycle length. Have you ever been this late before? I haven't in 18 months of tracking my cycle.

    I have none of my normal pre-menstral spots either and I also have lots of watery CM - so much that i keep thinking AF has started.

    I am going to try book a doctor appointment for next Tuesday if no AF or BFP. 
    I tried to search old threads and saw someone said her Doctor sent her home and said come back when you are 3 weeks late... How good is your Doctor? You might need to be pushy. I don't think i can handle not knowing for 2 more weeks!

  • @Ninjabunni I am only waiting until next Tuesday as with work I can't get in during opening hours before then.
    When can you go?
  • Honestly I haven’t a clue about my doc as I’ve recently moved house so I’ve never met my doc! I’ve never had this before either. Might have to see what the doc says if I don’t get any AF by Friday, that would put me at 11 days late. Good luck and baby dust x
  • I had a similar situation last month! Had my nexplanon removed last October my cycles were 28-33 days, last month I was very late for AF had blood test and HPT all negative .. then cycle day 46 one week after blood test I got my BFP I must of ovulated a lot later than I thought! Sadly I had a miscarriage, but you could of ovulated later than expected ? I weren’t tracking mine so I didn’t know when I ovulated x
  • Thanks for the input DMR and I’m so sorry for your loss, MC at any stage is horrible. Wishing you lots of good positive news in the future. 
    @Sharon88 any update with you? I’m still waiting 🙄 no period, no positive tests! I do think AF is on the way though, I had an awful migraine yesterday and the day before. Fingers crossed this gets resolved one way or another x
  • @Ninjabunni Yes it'd be just nice to know either way wouldn't it!?

    I'm now 11 days late and still no BFP.
  • Oh @Sharon88 it’s rubbish! Have you got a doc appointment yet for bloods? I’m going to ring on Monday if AF doesn’t appear by then x
  • @Ninjabunni I haven't sorted out a doctors appointment yet. When you call on Monday will you book an appointment?
    I feel frustrated (with my body) that i haven't got an answer yet. I initially thought i was definitely pregnant but now with no BFP still I'm starting to think i just missed a period.
  • Hi @Ninjabunni how are you doing now? I know how frustrating it is. I had all the same symptoms as you last month and was convinced I would get a BFP but repeated tests were BFN. In the end I was 8 days late based on my longest ever cycle and I've never been late in my life! I've put it down to using the pregnacare pre conception tablets as I read the b6 in them could increase luteal phase and delay period. I was relieved af finally came so I could move on, although it was light and only lasted 2 days. 
  • Good to know about the pregnacare pre conception as I’m just about to start a box. AF arrived this morning after 14 days of waiting. Never been so relieved to have a period but I’m suffering now (Currently the Mayor of Crampsville!) going to use OPKs this month and see how that goes as I now have no idea when my Ovulation should occur! Mother Nature is a confusing thing sometimes! 
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