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Help! Would these be positive?

I need some help! 
I started bleeding 1 day before my period this month, usually I have a heavy period on the first 2-3 days lasting 5-7 days and this period lasted 3 days on and off and very very light. All I had to wear was a liner and the blood didn’t really go on the liner is was mostly just visible when I wiped - but it was red blood. I’ve heard this could possibly be implantation bleeding. I had taken tests prior to this bleeding all coming back 100% negative. I took a test the last 3 nights and originally I wasn’t completely able to see any lines at all. I was quite impatient/intrigued and decided to open the tests. With the back open but the test strip still in place, immediately I started seeing a blue line appear. At first I thought oh that’s def just the evap line.. but as I took one again the next night and did the same thing, the line was a lot darker, and again the night after and was again darker. I thought it was strange for the evap line to be increasing by the night if they’re all evap lines. So I decided to test it on my sons urine. I did the same as I had with mine and absolutely no evap or line at all appeared. 

Please please give me options what you believe this is. Is it possible I just implanted later then I should have and still have low HCG that it’s not detecting it straight away? I’ve told myself I’m not going to take a test again until Monday and will do first thing in the morning to try and give my body a chance to build hcg if there’s any. 

Ill attach a photo of the last 2 as I no longer have the first test I took! Top is the second test and bottom is the third. First was again a lot lighter.  


  • @Mummaofboys I can definitely see lines on both tests. I’d propbably say take another in 2 days as your hcg doubles or something every 48 hours. I would be thinking right now that your pregnant but like you say, just wait a couple of days and test again just to be sure. And the bleeding sounds like implantation. Good luck! Fingers crossed for you xx
  • Just re read the top. It might be left overs from implantation. I got this at around 6-7 weeks like spotting on and off. I phoned midwife and doctors and they said it can be normal. Asking as the blood wasn’t bright red xx
  • These are definitely positive results.  I hope the lines get darker for you in two days :)
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