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Pregnancy test at 7dpo??

I know it’s crazy to test this early & it’s probably just making me go even more crazy lol. We weren’t even trying to get pregnant, but according to Ovia (I use this app to track my period/cycle) we ‘did the deed’ multiple types in my fertile window, including the 3 days before ovulation & the day of. I’m having a lot of symptoms, I know pregnancy & period symptoms are similar, but I never get pms this early. Does anybody see a faint line? Part of me thinks there’s one there, but I’m pretty sure it’s negative. I’ll test again in a few days regardless.


  • Sorry but I can't see it  :( but there is still hope

  • Just wanted to post a little update! Tested this morning & got a BFN!! This is 3 days before my missed period, 12 dpo. The lines darker in person than in the picture, but it’s still definitely there!!
  • This is definitely positive 
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