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Discharge uncertainty

 Hey ladies, excuse the exposing photo if anyone is uncomfortable with this, so I’m not sure if this is a clueless question or not but I was wondering if anyone knows what this discharge means? I did have sexual intercourse a couple weekends ago and since then both my breasts have had slight aches, especially when I’m laying down. Also some on and off light-lower back pains, along with minor headaches? Not sure if they even relate to each other. But I’ve been working out lately too so could it be from that? I do keep hydrated.. haven’t taken a pregnancy test because I don’t think I am pregnant but even if I were to, would it be too early? Thanks girlies :smile:


  • Forgo to mention, a day after this photo was taking (yesterday morning) I had discharge like this but also mixed with raw egg-white like discharge.
  • Hi emery- did this discharge result in a BFP?? I’m having the same discharge, late period, but my first test was negative.
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