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Duno what's going on

My period was due last Wednesday, there was no sign of it so thinking it would come that night or the next day we had unprotected sex. A week later still no period, slight tummy ache not unlike implantation cramps and negative test. Haven't a clue what's going on. Is it possible to be pregnant!? I've had 2 kids and 2 miscarriages. I track my period so 100% sure on when it's due. Completely confused 🙈🙈


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    Have you been TTC? If so have you been using pregna are pre conception? It can delay periods by a week or so.

    If not, try a first response test as they are more sensitive
  • Not ttc at the minute but because we had planned to start trying in September we both have started taking preconception vits. So you think that could be it... 🤔 I took a clear blue 6 days one but I'll try the one you suggested tomorrow. Thanks for your reply xx
  • I'm currently in the same situation  my last period was 17th june. Was due 17th July. Had unprotected sex 24th june then again 16th july. No sign of my period. It's been two weeks. I have tested negative for the last 2 weeks then I tested this morning and I swear I can see a faint line. I'm not sure if it's an evap  or faint pos?
  • @Mummytogirlys
    I see a faint line I think. 🤞
    I'm driving myself mad thinking about it tbh lol I'll be super delighted if we are, but I just wanted to have a good few months on the prenatal vits. Xx
  • Yes it's so hard to judge. Fingers crossed you get some news soon cookie❤
  • I can see a faint line to ☺️
  • Any updates ?
  • Was in agony Wednesday and Thursday. Started bleeding today, not like my normal period so gonna test first thing in the morning. As my period was due and didn't arrive and the only unprotected sex we had was 9 days ago I would maybe assume its too early to test? I swear I'm so confused. This is so strange. If this is my period then this cycle has been 40 days. 🤷‍♀️
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