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Dose this look positive?

2nd cycle on clomid. 100mg days 5-9 "31 day cycles" i used dip sticks and clearblue advanced ovulation test.. Im always unsure about the dip sticks that i might read it wrong. I've been trying to get pregnant for 2 years now. Fingers crossed it works this month. I would like to know if you all think the last 2 dip sticks look positive. Thank you


  • Btw How long have you been using clomid ? And did it work for you every cycle ? Cause I've just started on Clomid 50 mg and the first two tries was on time at 37 days and 39 days , to me that is on time. However this time my third cycle and third time using Clomid , I've had what seened to be ovaulation pains but not period yet , already 57 CD .
  • Oh I'm sorry , it's your second time on clomid , but you've been trying for years . So you never used clomid before or any other fertility drugs ? 
  • You've been trying 2 years I mean , sorry. 
  • It's hard to tell sometimes , especially when on Clomid . We just found out on my 2nd cycle , the LH is always positive , but actually the clomid makes your LH raise and we kept getting two lines . Hope you don't miss yours and keep trying every other day .
  • We missed our chance on our 2nd cycle because what we thought was a sure positive turned out to be a false negative . I don't want you and others to miss your chances . I know how you and everyone else's is going through right now . So good luck everyone and God bless . 
  • I've googled and sure thing , Clomid does make your LH rise way above normal so you might want to use Basal Temperature and or BD everyday or ever other day to be certain not to miss your window of opportunity. Good luck again. 
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