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Brown/pink discharge for 7 days?

AF is irregular but comes within the same 1-3 days each month it’s not super irregular. I don’t usually have spotting or bleeding in between periods and if I do it lasts two days and is very light. This is the first month we actually tried to conceive and I am experiencing very weird symptoms. I have now been having this brown sometimes pink discharge for about 7 days now it hasn’t not been bright red at all. It’s not similar to period blood at all. My period isn’t due until this upcoming Friday 1.24. I have been having bad back pain, headaches, sore breasts, and cramps. I tried taking a few pregnancy tests but got negatives everytime I took one. I’m thinking it might be to early either way. Could this brown discharge be my period or IB? But from what I researched IB should only last 1-3 days. Has anyone every had this experience?


  • Did you recently come off birth control?
  • No I haven’t been on birth control for many years. 
  • I also had peak fertility on the clear blue ovulation stick on Sunday 1/12, and started having the brownish pink discharge on Tuesday 1/14. Not sure if that would mean anything? 
  • I would say it’s ovulation spotting based on those dates. It would be too soon for implantation if it was 2 days after peak ovulation 
  • Ok! Thank you! What do you think about the amount of time I’ve been having this; I’ve been discharging now for like 6-7 days? The first two days was slightly heavier filling up a panty liner, and then lightened up. I’m now 8dpo and still having the brown discharge :( 
  • I wonder if your body is just producing a lot of discharge and there’s old blood mixing in from last period? That’s just a guess though. I haven’t had ovulation spotting, but I know some people have. Maybe also from having sex and old blood coming out. Has it all been brown?
  • It was like a pinky red/brown at one point like lighter then the brown for sure but not hot blood period red. That was on Thursday. My last period ended dec 29. It’s just so weird this has never happened before and the only thing done differently this month was TTC. 
  • I mean I’ve had spotting in between periods before but for like 1-2 days and not much. This just seems different so maybe ovulation bleeding? But why would that be happening now is it because I’m TTC? 
  • I find that so many things happened when I was TTC that never happened before 🙈 I know implantation can happen anywhere from 6-12 dpo, but it’s weird that your spotting has been since 1-2dpo, which is why I don’t think it would be implantation, but of course no one can say definitely about anything until a positive hpt. Will you test Friday?
  • Haha! I’m 25 and have had pretty normal periods for the most part all my life with some spotting occasionally in between. So with this happening especially the first month TTC, I’m like what is going on! The spotting is so weird!! I mean I would get like 1-2 days but I got the peak fertility on clearblue Sunday 1/12, then started spotting on Tuesday and I have been spotting ever since Tuesday it’s just getting lighter and it’s not happening overnight, it’s only during the day. But yes!!! I’m going to test Friday, I’m so impatient the waiting game is so frustrating :( I’m just so anxious at this point i think it’s because of this spotting it’s making me restless to figure out why it’s happening.
  • It is definitely weird what our bodies do! I hope it’s a positive sign for you and I will keep my fingers crossed for when you test 🤞🏼
  • Thank you so much! I’ll let you know what happens. 
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