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Hi everyone, I need advice! I got what I thought was an extremely faint positive 3 days ago, and I took a clear blue digital today and it said "not pregnant" I'm gutted as I really thought I saw something. I only came off my period 9 days ago but could it just be too early for the clear blue digital to detect? 
Thanks in advance! 


  • Is it just me or is there a 2nd line? 
  • If you have only just finished your period you can't be pregnant yet as you most likely won't have ovulated, and if you did ovulate this early, it would be way too early to test. I wouldn't take a pregnancy test any earlier than 12 dpo x
  • if u only came off ur period 9 days ago then it is impossible to know if u are pregnant already.....even if u ovulated a few days after ur period, implantation has not occured yet but FX for u for this u track ov???
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