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Trying for our first baby

Hey guys im new here and just after some opinions. I have wanted a baby for years but my husband has always held back on the idea, he has finally come round that we can start trying. He wants to take it slow and if it happens it happens, but because ive wanted this for so long i feel like i want to go full force straight away. Really hoping it doesnt take long for us to fall but what would you guys do in my situation?


  • I think sometimes it’s better when the oh isn’t aware of all the processes we go through to make sure you get sex in at the right time since it makes the whole process less appeasing and more stressful for both. I just ordered some Opks and 2dp thermometer off amazon/eBay. And started testing. I also follow the SMEP to increase chances and just fingers crossed xxx let me know if you have any questions xx
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