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After IUI test results

So we did our iui on 30 June 2020 on the 12th July I did I test and I was positive on the 13th I went on my periods they were very lighter than usual after my periods I tested again I was still positive but the positive was light.

Today we were due to see doctor so we did home test but it came negative and the doctor also did a sonar scan there's was nothing I don't know now what is really going on


  • Unfortunately it sound slime it didn't work that time 😔 hope you are OK xx
  • I am not well but I will be 
  • @starbane did you have to take HCG shot with your IUI cause that can stay in your system for a while which is why most clinics tell you not to test and wait for the blood test results. Am sorry it didn’t work this time, I know how devastating it is. This will be my 5th IUI, and I have had 2 unsuccessful and 2 chemical pregnancies so far. Still waiting for my little bubba but now looking into IVF too. I hope it works for you soon xx
  • We didn't do blood test because that day fell on the day I received my "periods" maybe I should do that. One more strange thing is that since the second week after my IUI I have cramps daily, my lower back especially on my left hand side, my umbilical cord always feels as though something is gentle pulling it. Last Saturday I was down to zero on my energy I even slept without preparing lunch and dinner. Yet doctor says I'm perfectly fine 
  • @starban - your umbilical cord?! 
  • Auto fill I meant umbilical hernia 
  • Does seem strange @starban let us know how you get on xx
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