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Late AF with early pregnancy symptoms but BFN

Hi all - So AF is currently 3 or 4 days late (I use 2 apps which seem to count it differently) and showing no signs of starting.  On the day AF was due I experienced a brown blood stain in some clear discharge when wiping, but it was only the once and nothing since.  I had mild cramps that day and the next but nothing since.  I am currently nauseous, fatigued, constipated (I have been but still feel like I need to go more), very windy feeling, intermittent lower back pain (all could be linked to the constipation though I guess).  I also have noticed today that my sense of smell seems to be heightened and could smell by daughters ketchup from across the room!  My cervix also still feels high.  I have done a HPT every day since AF was due and all have come back BFN.

I was just wondering if any one had experienced similar and gone on to have BFP after a while or if anyone has any opinions on what you think could be going on from what I said.

Other useful information that may help:
- My cycle is usually 28 days and very rarely late.  Late for me is usually only 12 hours or so.  I tend to start in the evening and if I don't it's usually there first thing the next morning. Today is CD 32.
- This would be my 4th pregnancy.  First I got a BFP a few days before AF due but ended in early miscarriage.  Second I had an instant BFP day AF due (I had no symptoms). Third (this year) I got a BFP 6 days before AF due as I had crazy strong symptoms but ended as early miscarriage.

Thank you in advance x


  • It’s hard to say what might be going on. You can try a first response if you haven’t yet. I know some women have to be a week late before they get a positive. The day after af was due mine was only really faint so anything is really possible. Your not out until af shows. And if after a week and no af or positive call and see if you can get a blood test. Good luck. 
  • It sounds like you had implantation bleeding the day AF was due... Definitely test again with a frer either today or in the next few days as it can take a few days after implantation for HCG to increase to high enough levels to be picked up. Fingers crossed you get your bfp xx
  • Thanks both. I'm not sure what to think right now. Been really nauseous all day so was going to go get a frer but when I went the loo before leaving, I had a little blood while wiping and a brief period of cramping in my side so guessed I was out and popped a tampon in and took my toddler to buy some clothes and shoes for her upcoming birthday instead. 2 tampons later and there's not been any more blood since. Will see what happens by the morning. Just really strange how I got positives real early previously so not holding out much hope now. Don't want to say anything to my hubby just yet as his birthday is Friday and I'd like to surprise him if it is a bfp. 
  • Fingers crossed Hun, but it definitely does sound like implantation to me. So hoping you get your bfp!
  • Hello. Af was due on Thursday. On Friday I got the smallest bleed like spotting. Saturday Sunday more spotting 1 time slightly heavier blood. Continued to spot Monday. Had cramps and mood swings. Feel very slight nauseous in the morning but minimal. Took a test with negative result today. However still peeing all the time. My periods are normally regular and medium flow. The Thursday was the day af was due but the spot was late at night. I don’t know. 
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