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The January TTC Thread - Let’s see some New Years BFPs! ➕🥳👣 - Part 2



  • It wasn’t til being in this group I found out that you can still bleed without ovulating. I’ll be checking each day from next cycle xx
  • @Lh8609 heres hoping luvvy. Perhaps it is your body readjusting from the pill. The pain you had does sound like something was trying to happen.💜💜
  • Hey everyone 

    loads to catch up on here and hope everyone is well

    @Nat-ttc2 thank you would love to join a chat! 

    I’m just going to go back and catch up on everyone’s posts 

  • @Lh8609 let's hope this is your month 🤞

    How's anyone getting on? Is anyone else roughly 6po? The 2ww is the worst 😣🙈

    A few of you have mentioned about confirming youve ovulated. Is there any way you can definitely check whether you have ovulated? I had peak lh tests and then a raise in bbt is this pretty much garaunteed that I did ovulate? 

    Temps have been above the line since the apps predicted ovulation. 

  • @Lee0511 bbt wouldn't rise without ovulation lovely xx
  • @Lee0511 hiya luvvy. Im about 5 dpo with no real symptoms to report yet, soon enough I'm sure 😆.
    Seems like such a long wait 🙄🤦‍♀️
    The safest way to detect would be the temperature monitoring but scanning you is the 100% way...but you wouldnt want that scan disruption in your 2ww 💜💜
  • @Lee0511
    I'd say that pretty much guarantees it do you have a chart? Can we see it?
  • Thanks everyone 😊 
    I'm pretty thankful that I am ovulating so soon after coming off the pill (within 2 months).

    Here's my chart: 
  • My temps have dropped a bit but are still over the coverline so I'm hoping thats okay? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤞
  • @Lee0511 oh that's good that you're ovulating again so soon.  
    I was gonna add that when ovulation is done your cm will probably change to thicker and more white (mine does personally). Tells me my window is shut basically 😆💜
  • @Bonnie1983 thanks yeah it changed to a white colour for like a day or 2 and has then been non existent 🙈
  • @Lee0511 sounds similar to myself 😆💜
  • @Lee0511 yes those temps are fine, common to have a Corpus luteum dip xx
  • @Mrs_T. I have no clue what that is but good to know, thanks 😊
  • @Lee0511 sorry its due to a drop in estrogen and then rise of progesterone xx
  • Hi everyone, had doctors and they aren't doing anything. Said bleeding 3 days before can be normal and I have no pain. So TTC continues... Lol x
  • @Lee0511
    Ok yeah it looks good how many dpo are you?
    Sorry they aren't doing anything, but at least they say things look normal. How many dpo would that make you now?
  • @Aplus I'm due to ovulate Wednesday but no line on tests yet. I haven't been getting a peak. In glad there wasnt anything wrong! xx
  • @SorrentoMummy I'm glad they're not concerned for you but can still be frustrating.... do you use strips or CB digital??💜💜
  • @Bonnie1983 excatly lovely, oh well. I used one step strips but now I use the premom app and premom sticks (thicker and seem stronger)week 2 of using them xx
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