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2 faint lines & 8 negatives - 10 Days Late


I am new here, first timer.

I have done so many tests over the last week - probably more then I should be.

I keep doing CB tests, every morning wee, although the day I’m getting negative. I go at night and at the same time on two different days I’ve had 2 positives - they are SO faint not sure if I’m actually seeing things.

Even though I’m getting this positive, I’m still getting so many negatives.

Please can someone help? Is this normal, should I try a different brand? Or am I just seeing things.



  • I definitely see it!! I’d try a digital to see what it says. If you don’t get your period maybe get in touch with your doctor to see if they can do a blood HCG check!
  • Digi test for sure ! X
  • Thank you SO much for your replies!! Will do a digi tomorrow and update you xx
  • I’m having this exact problem! I’m 18 days late for mine I’ve probably done over 10 tests now and every single one is negative. I feel like I’m having pregnancy symptoms, please let me know how you get on with a digital I haven’t tried one of those yet. If that doesn’t work I think definitely seeing the doctor xx
  • Hi,

    Oh no!! I done a digital one which tells me how many weeks and one normal. They both came back pregnant! 

    I would 100% try one of them as they are so accurate. If not then I would 100% advise going doctors to make sure everything is okay xxxx
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